Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carlton Ware Money Boxes

Carlton Ware was a Stoke-on-Trent based pottery manufacturer which was established in 1890 and operated for over one hundred years producing a range of frequently garish tableware and novelty cutlery. In the late 1960s they produced a range of colourful, somewhat psychedelic money boxes which I have a great fondness for. I have acquired a small collection of seven of these money boxes which I have photographed:

I saw one of these horses on an antiques TV show which first introduced me to the money boxes.

A green and yellow cat with a floral pattern. The most recent addition to the collection.

A smiling pig. There were also variations of the pig with fantastic psychedelic patterns.

A fairly straightforward blue train filled with random numbers. Also available in other colours.

Noah's Ark. I've come across this one in green on eBay.

There were also several head shaped money boxes such as this clown which was my first purchase.

Last but not least this fantastic pirate is probably my favorite and is seemingly somewhat rare.

There are quite a few styles that I have yet to acquire including birds, frogs, snails and an interesting model based on "There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe". The following link has photos of some of the other styles and patterns that I don't have: