Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mario Boncaldo Interview

In addition to the previous post about the album "De-Ja-Vu" I conducted a short interview with Klein & M.B.O. founder Mario Boncaldo. Many thanks to Mario for his help, you can check out his current projects via his own website here.

How did you meet Tony Carrasco?

Tony was sent me as writer of the lyrics.

After releasing numerous singles (including the US dance hit "Dirty Talk") you recorded the album "De-Ja-Vu" in 1982, why was this re-released under the title of "First" the following year?

Because Atlantic wanted to continue but the singer had asked for too much money!

Did the album consist of completely new recordings or where different mixes of the singles you had previously released used as well?

Only new recordings.

Was the song "Big Apple" an attempt to capitalize on the success of the "Dirty Talk" single in the United States?

It was only a gift to the city.

Did did you decide to work with singers such as Rossana Casale and Naimy Hacket to give the album a more commercial appeal?

No, only because they were American, also Rossana was born in New York, and I wanted some non Italian singers.

There have been many different mixes of "Dirty Talk", what do you think of the album version?

I liked to do it so, but also the others, done by others, I liked.

Although Klein & M.B.O. are classed as Italo Disco you were more experimental and original in your approach than much of the music typical of the genre, do you think contributed to the modern sound of the album?

I don't like that it is classified as Italo Disco, it is not Italo Disco '80, it’s different, no?

Who is playing guitar on tracks such as "The M.B.O. Theme", "Wonderful" and "De-Ja-Vu"?

Davide Piatto

Do you remember what sort of synthesizers/drum machines etc which were used on the album?

Roland synthesizers and roland 808 drum only

There are several different styles on the album, for instance, the eight minute long "De-Ja-Vu" has quite a dark sound, was it your intention at the time to avoid bring pigeon-holed into any specific genre?

Yes, sure

How do you feel about influencing so many musicians from the Chicago house music scene to bands such as New Order as well as countless modern day electronic acts such as Miss Kitten despite Klein & M.B.O being a relatively underground group?

I am very gratified. I don’t like the Miss Kitten cover a lot… but this is the job.

Why were there no more albums from Klein & M.B.O. after this? Did you feel you had taken this sound as far as you could?

It is a long history about it!!!

What have you been up to since your Klein & M.B.O. days? Tell us about your current project?

The Klein & M.B.O. project is ended. The new one will be ready in 2011 and it will be very different, we will soon speak of it.

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