Saturday, August 18, 2012

Madame Claude 10/8/2012

We arrived at the trendy Madame Claude in Kreuzberg, Berlin around half past seven on a hot August evening. The venue features furniture hanging from the ceiling and has played host to acts such as Animal Collective, Ariel Pink and Harry Merry. After the sound check from hell in which our laptop caused us a major headache (resulting in me turning into some sort of demonic ball of rage) we were delighted to get through the actual set successfully to a very receptive audience.

Personal highlights include "Zebedee", "Talking To The Flowers" and "Metamorphosis" whilst Sean Maynard Smith's dance moves during "Black Ice" brought our performance to a pulsating climax. Also on that night was the Brighton based Hour Hands who performed their songs using a mixture of acoustic guitars and mini keyboards. A friend of theirs was good enough to film portions of the gig on iPhone.

Talking To The Flowers At Madame Claude 

Animal Alphabet At Madame Claude

Set List

As The Whirligig Spins
The Book That Won't Be Read
Strawberries And Blueberries
Animal Alphabet
Talking To The Flowers
Skeleton Skeleton
Paper Purse
Musik Und Party
Black Ice